MIH Consortium is creating an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry. We realize key technologies, develop reference designs and standards, while we bridge the gap between members in the ecosystem resulting in a lower barrier to entry, accelerated innovation, and shorter development cycles. Our goal is to bring the strategic partners together to build the next generation of EV, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications. Through this transformation of the automotive industry and smart mobility space, we help maintain a sustainable future. To learn more, visit https://www.mih-ev.org 

 MIH Consortium致力創建一個開放式的電動車生態系統,促進移動領域的全面合作。 我們的使命是實現關鍵技術,開發參考設計,推動行業標準,同時為聯盟成員間穿針引線和互通有無,進而降低產業的進入門檻,加速創新,縮短開發週期;運用台灣的 ICT 資通產業優勢及鴻海全球運營能力,我們的目標是匯集戰略合作夥伴,為下一代電動車,自動駕駛和移動服務應用打造創新解決方案。透過促進汽車行業和智能移動領域的轉型,我們為永續發展的未來盡一份心力。 更多資訊請上 MIH 官網 https://www.mih-ev.org